SPACrun Support

1. Can I try SPACrun before subscribing?

Yes, SPACrun provides a risk-free trial. You will not be charged until the trial is over.

2. I’ve started a free trial but I haven’t received the confirmation email

Please check your Spam folder if you’ve been waiting for a few minutes. Send an email to if you can’t find your confirmation email there. You can also go to select "Forgot Password?"

3. Can I request a refund?

In the trial period, we encourage our users to test the complete SPACrun features. Until the trial period, you are not charged. After trial ends or the date of renewal no refunds will be issued for subscriptions. We are unable to handle refunds, and before that, please cancel your trial or subscription.

4. Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your subscription.

5. I would like to stop receiving SMS and/or email alerts

For specific SPACs, go to Unclick SMS or Email Alerts on the company you wish to unsubscribe from. For all alerts, go to Unclick SMS or Email Alerts.

6. Can I change the phone number for SMS and/or email alerts

Because your email is linked to your account, you can only change your phone number from

7. I want to cancel my plan

We hate to see you go as we are always striving to provide value and improving with new features, but simply click Cancel Subscription from your

8. I need more assistance

Please contact